Step 1: Analysis

Red Pepper Consultants will firstly setup a meeting in order to discuss everything that is required. This meeting also enables us to get to know your business better and to understand your needs.

Step 2: Collation

Red Pepper Consultants will then tailor a unique package, and once you are satisfied, we will send out new employee information sheets to be completed. Once completed, we collect all the documents and load them onto our payroll.

Step 3: Processing

Red Pepper Consultants will then start processing the employer’s payroll and we liaise weekly in respect of any documents, salary changes, deductions, etc.

Step 4: Approval

On the agreed date that the employer wants all documents in order to approve the payroll, it will be sent in PDF format to the employer for approval.

Step 5: Transmission

Once approved Red Pepper Consultants will then either export or print the payment batch and email that to the employer.

Step 6: Payment Preparation

Red Pepper Consultants will also then prepare any third party payments that have to be made and send it to the employer for payment.

Step 7: Final Action

Once everything has been completed, Red Pepper Consultants print out all the payslips and deliver, or courier them to the employer.

It’s as easy at that. So let us at Red Pepper Consultants take all the hassle out of your payroll services, without costing you the company Christmas Bonus fund.

We'll organize, consult, and pay all of your employees no matter what, leaving you with time to do the more important business.